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Servicing Practices Nationwide!

Automated Physician Services is dedicated to provide very personalized services to meet the needs of your practice. Since 1999, providers have relied on Automated Physician Services (APS) to increase reimbursement rates and maximize billing potential.

Today’s practices operate at a hectic pace. Most have a difficult time keeping up with the every day tasks of patient care and office management. They simply do not have the time or resources required to keep current with today’s rules and regulations.

In todays economic climate a reduction of expenses is vital for survival and profitability of most practices. In an effort to reduce runaway costs many doctors have chosen to take advantage of the many benefits a medical billing service can offer.

Now more than ever, it is important that providers receive rapid reimbursement, increased income, and reduced administrative costs. APS is here to help you established that advantage.

APS will perform the function of claims submission, managing accounts receivables, tracking and follow up more efficiently and ecomonically because we are specialists in our fields.

APS realizes that every practice is unique. So our approach is unique in solving your billing and administrative problems. We will work with you to find the best solution to meet your practice needs.